concrete cooling

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X-tec’s long experience in in the design of concrete batching plants and the demand for more effective cooling solutions has led our team of engineers to develope a new system with many advantages for our customer. Increased emphasis on the control of concrete temperature has lead to a developing requirement for efficient and economical methods of cooling concrete. With many years of experience in the construction of concrete batching plants, the design team of x-tec has noted and listened to the ideas and requirements of clients in various environments (hot climates, large dam construction etc) and applications (normal, self compacting, roller compacted concretes). Our revolutionary designed modular system satisfies the requirements of our clients. Our hightly flexible plants are incorporate with a pillow plate system which al lows us to produce ice or ice water with the same working principle. Within a short period of a few minutes the production can be changed from ice to water, or water to ice to suite the production requirements.

Ice Storage Systems: Our newly developed ice storage system has two essential advantages. The first produced ice is the first to be extracted. And new floor bedded screw systems guarantees consistent dosing of chipped ice. Based on the lower ice temperature of -1°C there is no additional storage needed, therefore further more reducing your daily energy costs. Ice Weighing Systems: Our ice weighing systems also has its own dosing system on the outlet to avoid the ice being released in one amount creating “frozen and inhomogeneous” areas in the concrete as well as spillage. This system also allow you to pre-cool your aggregate while loading.

Ice systemsXIP 50XIP 200XIP 150
Ice production /h2 tons4 tons6 tons
Ice water production /h7000 l14000l21000l
Storage systems60 - 90 tons volume60 - 90 tons volume 60 - 90 tons volume